Yun Nam Hair Care Treatment Review

Dec 16, 2014 by Life Little Tales

...... I was delighted to see the leap of improvement through the before and after scan. And as promised, I was feeling so much lighter and fresher after the cleanse. The best thing is, I did not experience any itch on the day or the day after and the day after!....


Dec 01, 2014 by King Ming En
Age: N/A 

....From one session, we cleared out most of the oil patches cemented onto my scalp and cleared the oil and old sebum around the hair roots. Shiok!
I mean.. everyone has a different hair problem (Male Pattern Hair Loss, Female Pattern Hair Loss, Premature Hair Loss, Post-natal Hair Loss, Hereditary Hair Loss, Ring-shaped Hair Loss, Mediterranean Hair Loss, Patch Baldness, Grey hair, Dandruff, Oily Scalp, Sensitive Scalp, Scalp Infection, Hair Loss due to Chronic Illnesses.. etc) and early treatment is always easier....

My Yun Nam Hair Care Treatment Update At 6th Week

Sep 24, 2014 by Steven Teo
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It has already been one and a half month since I had started my hair treatment at Yun Nam Hair Care. The first five sessions that I went through focused on solving my oily and itchy scalp problem and Dandruff Emulsion was used during my weekly treatment at the outlet to dissolve the any sebum buildup. Without the hair follicle blockage, my scalp also became healthier....

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