Experience FASTGro™ to quick-boost scalp recovery & hair growth


About FASTGro

Premium herbs such as ginseng, dang gui and he shou wu, along with other lesser known, but no less potent herbs like knotweed root, dittany and peony works to improve your scalp health and effectively speed up hair growth!

6 Incredible Benefits with FASTGro™

For Hair

  • Lessen daily hair fall
  • Promote hair growth
  • Strengthen hair roots

For Scalp

  • Reduce dandruff
  • Relive itchy scalp
  • Lessen scalp inflammation

How FASTGro™ works: 3S-Effect


Deeply stimulate your scalp and improve blood circulation to your hair follicles to stimulate healthy hair growth


Balance your scalp’s pH levels to restore your scalp to its natural healthy state


Strengthen hair roots of both existing and baby hair to help reduce your hair fall

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Non-Invasive Tick
Uses 100% Premium Chinese Herbs Formulas
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No Side-Effects Tick Tick Cross
No Downtime Tick Tick Cross
Specialises in Hair Growth Tick
Close to 40 Years of Experience
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Treatments Focus Both Hair follicles & scalp Scalp Hair Follicle or Scalp
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Improve Your Hair and Scalp Health with our FASTGro™ Hair & Scalp Treatment

STEP 1: One-to-one Personal Consultation

Share your various hair and scalp concerns in a private, one-to-one personal consultation with our professional hair care consultants.

STEP 2: Computerized Scalp Scan Analysis

Our advanced computerized hair scans reveal your exact hair and scalp condition to our consultants, allowing them to accurately identify the root causes of your hair and scalp problems.

STEP 3: Customized FASTGro™ Hair & Scalp Treatment

Treatments consisting of exquisite herbs are carefully designed a ccording to your age, gender, and hair and scalp condition to restore your hair to its natural healthy state!

STEP 4: Constant Monitoring of Your Treatment Progress

Your hair and scalp condition will be monitored throughout your treatment with before/after scans to ensure that your consultant can always prescribe the best treatment for your current hair and scalp condition!