Experience MAX Hair to treat premature greying and hair loss!

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About MAX Hair

Featuring four key Chinese herbs (dang gui, chrysanthemum, wild ginger and he shou wu) that work together to soothe your scalp and create a conducive environment for hair growth.

Paired with breakthrough Western technology, we harness essential ingredients such as jojoba oil, Vitamin B3 &B5 to further invigorate your hair roots to effectively reduce further hair loss and encourage hair growth.

Reasons for Premature Greying & Premature Hair Loss

Unhealthy Eating

Due to busy schedules and stress, it’s tempting to eat more comfort food such as sweet desserts, pasta and cheese. However such a diet can cause your hair follicles to shrink and cause premature hair loss. What’s more, a diet lacking in B12 can result in premature greying!

Excessive Styling

With the increased use of heating tools, chemicals and hair dye, we’re seeing more teens and young adults with dry weakened hair that breaks easily when gently tugged, due to accumulated damage to the hair follicle and hair cuticle.

High Stress Levels

Exams and projects, long work hours and strict deadlines, along with the pressure and uncertainty of growing up can cause you to feel immense stress! This causes our bodies to produce more androgen, which in turn increases the level of DHT, a chemical that causes hair loss, in our body.


The carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke restricts blood circulation to the scalp, depriving the hair follicles of oxygen and other key nutrients. Nicotine further constricts the blood vessels, restricting blood flow and hence discouraging healthy hair growth.

Why Choose MAX Hair

Don’t let your distaste of strong-smelling Chinese herbs prevent you from harnessing their fullest potential to effectively treat your premature greying and hair loss problems! With Yun Nam’s latest treatment Max Hair, you get all the effectiveness but none of the unpleasant odour commonly associated with our signature herbal treatments.

4 Key Benefits

Reduces Hair Fall

Soothes itchy / sensitive scalp

Prevents Premature Hair Loss

Prevents white hair growth

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Improve Your Hair and Scalp Health with our MAX Hair Hair & Scalp Treatment

STEP 1: One-to-one Personal Consultation

Share your various hair and scalp concerns in a private, one-to-one personal consultation with our professional hair care consultants.

STEP 2: Computerized Scalp Scan Analysis

Our advanced computerized hair scans reveal your exact hair and scalp condition to our consultants, allowing them to accurately identify the root causes of your hair and scalp problems.

STEP 3: Customized Yun Nam Max Hair & Scalp Treatment

Treatments consisting of exquisite herbs are carefully designed a ccording to your age, gender, and hair and scalp condition to restore your hair to its natural healthy state!

STEP 4: Constant Monitoring of Your Treatment Progress

Your hair and scalp condition will be monitored throughout your treatment with before/after scans to ensure that your consultant can always prescribe the best treatment for your current hair and scalp condition!