Our Testimonials

With our help, there are no unsolvable hair or scalp problems.

Hu Chuo Ming
  • 39 Years Old
  • Female Hair Loss
"“After 16 treatments, my hair has grown back to cover all the bald parts of my scalp!”"
I saw my hair fall increase drastically without warning! Even simple things like brushing my hair and sleeping would cause my hair to fall. It got serious enough that I could see the bare skin of my scalp! Thankfully, treatments with Yun Nam Hair Care managed to resolve this issue. After 16 treatments, my hair has grown back to cover my scalp again! My hair fall has reduced. I’m very pleased with the results!
Elaine Lim
  • 46 Years Old
  • Female Hair Loss
"“I feel more confident about going outside!” "
I’ve been losing hair since my 20s, and it worsened after the birth of my first child! I tried many different products and treatments, but nothing worked. My mood was at an all-time-low, and I didn’t want to leave the house. Luckily, Yun Nam Hair Care’s treatments managed to stop my hair fall and regrow thicker, healthier hair. I feel more confident about going outside now!
Chua Wee Kwang
  • 36 Years Old
  • Male Hair Loss
"No more rubbing raw onion on my head to stop hair fall!"
My hair fall made me look 10 years older in everyone’s eyes. This really affected my self-confidence! I was frantic enough to try strange tips from the Internet to stop hair fall, but it worsened the issue instead. Luckily, Yun Nam Hair Care solved the issue and even regrew my hair!
Kwok Sok Kei
  • 24 Years Old
  • Female Hair Loss
"I didn’t want to become bald at 23!"
I always had thin hair, but then my hair began to fall! I was only in my early 20s, so I was desperate to stop it from falling. I tried all sorts of methods, but only Yun Nam Hair Care’s treatments managed to stop my drastic hair fall. I even see more baby hair grown now!
Janice Fion
  • 28 Years Old
  • Female Hair Loss
"Thick, bouncy tresses in just 10 sessions."
The last thing I expected at my age was a widening hair parting, with receding hairline. Thankfully, after 4 FastGRO Treatments at Yun Nam, I could see baby hair growing from previously bald areas. After 10 sessions, my hair has regained its previous volume and more!
Derrick Goh
  • 49 Years Old
  • Male Hair Loss
"Hair loss is no longer an issue that I’m worried about!"
I noticed my hair was thinning badly. After washing my hair, I always found strands of hair on my towel. Clumps of hair were clogging my shower drain as well. That was a horrifying sight! With professional help from Yun Nam Hair Care, I’ve regained back fuller and healthy looking hair. Hair loss is no longer an issue that I’m worried about!
Amran Bin Mohd. Nor
  • 41 Years Old
  • Male Hair Loss
"Yun Nam Brought Back My Confidence!"
My hair used to be oily and itchy and I often found big clumps of hair on my pillow and the floor. Severe hair loss caused me endless embarrassment. Fortunately, Yun Nam helped me regain confidence. I have fuller healthier hair now!
Logan Gan
  • 37 Years Old
  • Male Hair Loss
"Confidence of Thicker Hair!"
Due to hereditary reasons, I was having hair loss problems since a young age. I had low self-esteem because people would usually comment on my thinning hair. I tried several hair growth cream and methods, but to no visible results. However, with Ginseng Herbal Treatments from Yun Nam Hair Care, my hair condition shows a significant growth.
Samantha Soon
  • 23 Years Old
  • Female Hair Loss
"My hair problem has been resolved!"
At such a young age, I didn’t expect myself to experience hair loss. Thanks to Yun Nam Hair Care and their signature Herbalogy Hair Treatment, my hair problem has been resolved & best of all, I’ve learned a lot of ways to take care of my hair & scalp!
Yogeswari d/o Nagaraja
  • 31 Years Old
  • Female Hair Loss
"Repair Chemically Damaged Hair."
I wanted straight hair and had it rebonded three years ago. My hair became very dry and brittle. Even with the slightest touch, my hair would fall. I was really worried if I was going bald. Thinking back, if I had not visited Yun Nam Hair Care, my hair will not be this fabulous today.
Tan Lay Lee
  • 30 Years Old
  • Female Hair Loss
"I trust Yun Nam Hair Care!"
I used to be very scared about hair loss after every shampoo. My husband noticed that my hair problem was getting serious and he brought me to Yun Nam Hair Care to seek professional help. After a few Herbal Hair Treatment sessions, my hair health improved extremely. I trust Yun Nam Hair Care!
Kelvin Phua
  • 49 Years Old
  • Patch Baldness
"14 bald patches treated in just 7 sessions"
I used to have bald patches the size of golf balls on my head – 14 of them! Thankfully, the customised treatments at Yun Nam Hair Care quickly delivered results. Imagine my relief!
Samantha Chua
  • 36 Years Old
  • Post-natal Hair Loss
"I’m happy with the amazing results!"
I always found a clump of hair in my brush after using it. I noticed my hair was thinning as well and it was a worrying sight. Thankfully, Yun Nam Hair Care analysed my scalp and customised a Herbal Hair Treatment for me. Hair loss is minimised. I’m very happy with the amazing results!
Claire Teo
  • 32 Years Old
  • Post-natal Hair Loss
"New Life to Hair!"
After the delivery of my first childbirth, I experienced hair loss for a few months. The added pressure of looking after my newborn did not help either. I got really stressed out when I saw clumps of hair in my bath towel, pillow case and bedroom floor. Thanks to Yun Nam Hair Care, my hair is reborn. I feel beautiful with fuller and lustrous hair naturally.
Eileen Lee Yoke Ching
  • 48 Years Old
  • Menopausal Hair Loss
"Recover from menopausal hair loss in 3 months!"
Months after I gave birth, I started losing hair in bunches whenever I washed or brushed it. My hair loss was becoming increasingly scary, so my husband encouraged me to seek treatment. Thanks to just 3 months of weekly treatments at Yun Nam, now my hair doesn’t fall out easily, and looks healthier too!
Loo Wan Shia
  • 43 Years Old
  • Premature Greying
"A lot less grey hair after just 1 month."
My greying hair and hair loss made me uncomfortable and self-conscious when others stared at it. After a month of FastGRO Treatments at Yun Nam, I noticed significantly less grey hair than before. I look and feel younger now—my friends & family all ask me why I don’t seem to have any grey hair!
Lam Wei Chuan
  • 20 Years Old
  • Premature Greying
"Live Up to Dark Hair Naturally!"
I had grey hair since my teenage years. Life was filled with distressed and great agony because I looked much older than my friends. Yun Nam Hair Care meticulously analysed my grey hair problem and applied He Shou Wu Essence to boost dark hair growth naturally. I am enormously pleased with the proven results.
Lina Abdul Rahman
  • 31 Years Old
  • Dry Scalp Hair Loss
"Wonderful improvements in 4-5 treatments!"
I’m glad I visited Yun Nam Hair Care to treat my dry scalp and hair loss. In just 4-5 sessions, I saw wonderful improvements!
Huang Ji
  • 26 Years Old
  • Dandruff
"I saw baby hair growing in just 1 month!"
My scalp was itchy due to dandruff and eczema, and it constantly distracted me at work. I was also losing hair at the back of my head! I tried many anti-dandruff shampoos, but it didn’t work. However when I tried Yun Nam’s treatments, I saw a huge improvement in just 1 month! My scalp was no longer itchy and I saw baby hair growing out. Thanks Yun Nam Hair Care!
Michelle Ee
  • 29 Years Old
  • Dandruff
"Herbal treatments resolved my scalp problem."
My scalp used to itch badly and dandruff worsened the problem. It affected my confidence and made me very self-conscious. I had to avoid black clothing and would constantly check for dandruff flakes. Now, I have no such worries! With my scalp problem solved, I can confidently go about my usual activities again!
Cheah Theng Theng
  • 32 Years Old
  • Oily Scalp Hair Loss
"“My hair parting has gotten smaller!”"
My job as an accountant meant that I was constantly stressed and often working overtime. This lead to me developing serious hair loss! My hair parting widened a lot and I was worried that my scalp could be seen. I didn’t even want to take any photos! I tried over 10 different shampoos, but nothing delivered permanent results. I was considering even changing my job! But thankfully Yun Nam Hair Care managed to resolve my hair loss issue. Now my hair parting has gotten smaller, and I see baby hair growing!
Ho Ying Sian
  • 30 Years Old
  • Oily Scalp Hair Loss
"“My scalp is less oily, and I saw a lot more hair growth!” "
My hair was always frizzy and thin, and I couldn’t have long hair because my hair took a long time to grow out and it fell off easily. I also had an oily scalp that didn’t smell good. I tried many store-bought shampoos to solve the problem, but only Yun Nam Hair Care’s treatments worked! Now, my hair fall is reduced and there’s a lot more hair growth. My scalp is also less oily!
Kenneth Chua
  • 32 Years Old
  • Oily Scalp Hair Loss
"“My hair fall has reduced, the improvement is huge!” "
My scalp was oily even before puberty hit, but things worsened in 2020. It got so much oilier, and my hair fall increased significantly. I panicked! Thankfully Yun Nam Hair Care managed to control my oily scalp. Now my hair fall has reduced, and I can see baby hair growing in the scans. The sparse areas on my scalp are also fuller – the improvement is huge!
Phua Pei Ming
  • 31 Years Old
  • Oily Scalp Hair Loss
"Only Yun Nam managed to show me real results!"
I have an oily scalp that caused hair loss, so I tried many off-the-shelf products, even visited other hair care centres, but nothing worked! Thankfully Yun Nam Hair Care managed to rebalance my oily scalp and regrow my lost hair!
Bryan Lim Chez Lee
  • 32 Years Old
  • Oily Scalp Hair Loss
"Regain Confidence with Yun Nam."
I didn’t know when I started losing hair; I just saw my hair getting thinner year after year. I tried Yun Nam’s treatments because of their promotion, and I was glad to see baby hair growth in my regular scalp scans. I could also see my hair getting thicker in the mirror! Because of Yun Nam, I’m now a lot more confident when dealing with clients for work.
Edward Ng
  • 31 Years Old
  • Oily Scalp Hair Loss
"My hair’s fuller and my scalp’s healthier!"
Years back, I experienced serious hair loss during a stressful period. I ignored it thinking that the problem would just go away, but it got worse instead. I tried special shampoos and even applied brandy, but nothing worked. With professional help, I quickly regained my hair and my scalp’s no longer as oily!
Eileen Song
  • 39 Years Old
  • Oily Scalp Hair Loss
"Greasy hair made me less confident."
My hair used to have a bad smell, even 30 minutes after washing, I was afraid of people coming near me. Product build-up and grease also congested my pores. Just 3 months after treatment, my scalp was significantly cleaner and the oil production was controlled. My hair looks and feels so full of life now!
Joshua Lee
  • 39 Years Old
  • Oily Scalp Hair Loss
"Nobody calls me ‘uncle’ anymore!"
I didn’t have a nice hairstyle because my scalp was very oily and my hair was very thin. My colleagues used to comment that I looked old-fashioned. They advised me to look for Yun Nam Hair Care to remedy the situation. I’m glad I took their advice. Nowadays with fuller healthy hair, nobody calls me ‘uncle’ anymore!
Zaliza Hanum Zainol Abidin
  • 27 Years Old
  • Oily Scalp Hair Loss
"Lifeless Hair Transformed!"
My hair started thinning two years back and my scalp was very oily. Yun Nam successfully resolved my hair problems and now I’m more confident in front of my clients. My colleagues complimented on my healthy beautiful hair too.