Hair Loss Concerns

Here are the most common hair issues faced by Singaporeans!

Patch Baldness

Also known as alopecia areata, this condition occurs when your immune system attacks your own hair follicles.

With this condition, hair breaks and falls easily, forming round patches on your scalp.

It affects about 1 in every 50 people. If left untreated, hair loss may be permanent!


  • Traumatic stress
  • Poor recovery after illness
  • Genetics
  • Physical injury
  • Hormonal changes

Treatment Goals

  • Stabilise immune cells to prevent further attacks on hair follicles
  • Fortify hair follicles to reduce hair fall
  • Remove blood stagnation

Featured Herbs

  • Peony root (芍药)
  • Rehmannia (生地黄)
  • Thuja (侧柏叶)

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