Story of Xiang Yun

Veteran actress, loving wife and mother

Story of Xiang Yun

Regaining Confidence comes easier with Yun Nam

I’ve been honing my craft in the acting industry for over 30 years; likewise, Yun Nam Hair Care has also been helping Singaporeans solve their hair and scalp issues for over 30 years. I know all too well, how difficult it is to hold on to your original aspirations while not losing your passion, to strive for success in your chosen industry despite its difficulties. To be able to do so for over 30 years is something admirable indeed, as such I’m honoured to be Yun Nam Hair Care’s ambassador! All these years, Yun Nam has had over 10 000 satisfied customers with countless success stories, and now, I am one of them.

As the years fly by, many people worry about looking older. Thankfully, with Yun Nam Hair Care’s help, I no longer worry about that! Having a bright and vivacious image is especially important for female actresses, but thankfully I still have a head of thick healthy hair – which makes me look younger and livelier! Every time I hear such praise, it gives me increased motivation to take good care of my hair and scalp.

The secret to maintaining a head of thick, dark hair lies with your scalp. You need to consistently look after your scalp so that it remains healthy! That’s why no matter how busy I am, I make the effort to visit Yun Nam Hair Care for my hair and scalp treatments. They analyse my hair and scalp condition before every treatment and prepare a customized blend of pure premium herbs to ensure my scalp gets the essential nutrients it needs to support healthy hair growth. From the moment I step into Yun Nam, my consultant ensures that I am comfortable by attentively overseeing every step of my treatment. From the scalp scan at the start to the styling at the end, my well-being is guaranteed!

Now that I think about it, I’ve been going for Yun Nam’s hair and scalp treatments for years, and I’ve always felt more relaxed afterwards. When I visit Yun Nam after a long hard day of filming, my consultant, without prompting, gives me a fantastic scalp massage and helps my hair and scalp recover from the earlier styling. When this happens, I feel so at ease and at peace. It’s a good opportunity to relax.

Sometimes, work gets too heavy to visit Yun Nam Hair Care. That’s when I use their hair care products to take care of my hair and scalp at home! These products are customized specifically for me; they are the secret to my beautiful hair. These products contain premium Chinese herbs like ginseng, dang gui and he shou wu. So every time I wash my hair, it feels like a mini-treatment, and I can still maintain the results of my treatment at home!

After years of hair treatments, even my hairstylists and colleagues have noticed the difference in my hair condition! They used to say that my hair was thin and weak, making it hard to style without it breaking, but now my hair has gotten stronger and thicker! This makes their jobs easier. Not only that, it also makes it easier for me to take care of my hair! This made me realise that if you want beautiful hair that’s easy to maintain, you really have to make sure it’s healthy, and Yun Nam Hair Care is a great choice to help you.

Of course, I have also made many new precious memories thanks to Yun Nam Hair Care! One of such memories that made the biggest impression on me was when they hatched a plan with my son Yi Xi to give me a Mother’s Day surprise! On that day, I visited the outlet for my scheduled hair treatment. I chatted with the consultant while getting my hair washed, but when I opened my eyes, I got a huge surprise! It turns out that my son Yi Xi was the one washing my hair! Afterwards, he even helped me to comb and blow dry my hair. In that moment, I was really touched! Yun Nam Hair Care and my son worked together to give me an unforgettable gift for Mother’s Day.

Women in today’s world have heavy duties; they have to juggle various life roles. I am not exempt for I have to balance my time between my work and my family. Regardless of gender, if you want to remain confident and vibrant, you need to find out what works for you. In my case, visiting Yun Nam for hair treatments and using Yun Nam hair care products have become an essential part of my life. It’s what works for me. Every time I visit Yun Nam Hair Care, they help me rest and relax. That’s why I urge all those who want a way to solve their hair and scalp issues and regain a healthy hair and scalp to visit Yun Nam Hair Care!

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