Jesseca’s Story

Hair loss solutions made easy with Yun Nam


As a professional actress, seeking perfection and delivering my best performance is my highest pursuit—regardless of role and character. That is why I only trust the professionals at Yun Nam Hair Care when it comes to managing hair concerns. At Yun Nam Hair Care, I have witnessed and experienced their professionalism and experience. Having over 37 years of experience in the use of all-natural herbal ingredients, Yun Nam Hair Care has conscientiously built their brand and serviced thousands of satisfied customers to become one of Singapore’s most trusted hair care experts. Their excellent team of professionals provide the most outstanding service, deliver top-notch treatment, and offer the most effective results. In Yun Nam, I entrust my hair care needs completely.

In my many years of experience as an artiste, I have always presented the most polished version of myself in front of the screen. However, what many do not know is my personal experience of hair care problems. My work can be demanding—working for long hours, rushing from location to location and following tight schedules. Under the stressors of a fast-paced environment, my hair is prone to higher oil production and even hair loss. My hair stylists would sometimes point out that my scalp is red and sensitive, especially after outdoor shoots. When I returned to my hometown in Langkawi, my scalp was susceptible to sun burns and exposure to harmful UV rays—thus weakening over time. Like everyone else, I know it takes commitment, regular care, and maintenance to achieve strong, healthy, and voluminous hair—which is why I regularly return to Yun Nam Hair Care for treatment!

At Yun Nam Hair Care, I have my own personal consultant who meticulously designed a holistic treatment customized to my hair and scalp needs. I remember my first visit to Yun Nam Hair Care for treatment- the consultant was conscientious in explaining my unique hair condition so that I would have a thorough understanding of my hair issues. The consultant started by doing a scan on my hair follicles to understand the root of my hair issues. He discovered that my hair follicles were congested due to excessive secretion of oil by the sebaceous glands. Through him, I also understood that my scalp is sensitive and prone to redness. The most worrying discovery of all was that my hair follicles were shrinking! According to my consultant, every healthy hair follicle contains 3-4 strands of hair, whereas many of my hair follicles only contained 1 strand or none. That was when he cautioned me to act early to take better care of my hair to restore them to their healthy state.

Based on his expertise, the consultant crafted an effective personalised treatment for me, utilising ten top-grade herbs. The three key ingredients – Ginseng, Dang Gui, He Shou Wu –offer an important source of nutrition for healthy hair. During treatment, there was nothing that I needed to worry about besides relaxing while my consultant worked his magic on my hair. He began with applying herbal treatment, massaging to stimulate blood circulation, before doing a steaming treatment to allow the hair follicles to open up to absorb the nutrients, thereby nourishing and repairing them from inside out. My consultant’s carefully prescribed treatment allowed me to realise that achieving healthy and luscious hair require treatment begins at the roots. Only that way can my hair stabilize, strengthen, and grow healthily. Without a doubt, Yun Nam Hair Care is the best choice for anyone who wishes to care for their hair!

Every visit is also an opportunity for me to unwind, relax and take a breather from my hectic life. Apart from making me feel like I’m at a spa, my scalp always feels so refreshed after treatment! My hair also always feels softer, stronger, and filled with the fresh scents of the herbs—where every hair strand has been thoroughly nourished. Besides that, my consultant would also prepare a set of hair care products personalised to my hair condition, enabling me to care for my hair even while I am busy on shoots.

Since becoming a Yun Nam ambassador, I gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of their commitment to quality service and promised results. I have also discovered the vision that Yun Nam aims to convey, which is to encourage everyone – whether you are experiencing hair loss, premature greying, dandruff or pattern baldness—to seek help early and begin their journey at Yun Nam to find solutions that will restore health, glow and shine to their hair!

The modern woman undertakes many duties, often having to juggle their professional and private lives. That is why it is important to reserve personal time- time just for you, to slow down and relax. Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, whether men and women, finding your own pace and rhythm of hair care maintenance is imperative—which is why I vouch for Yun Nam Hair Care. The routine visits to Yun Nam Hair Care have become indispensable to my life. Every time I am at Yun Nam for treatment, they not only put my comfort first, but they also offer the most visible results! To those who wish to regain healthy hair and solve their hair issues, no problem is too difficult for Yun Nam – they make hair care solutions easy!