Story of Chong Qing

One-of-a-Kind Solution to Healthy Hair Growth

I am a radio DJ, an actor and a TV host at the same time. Not only do I embrace change and love challenging myself at work, I also love to experiment with different looks in my daily life. But no matter what kind of look I create, having a full head of healthy hair is a basic requirement! I take my hair and scalp health very seriously, which is why I only trust Yun Nam Hair Care with them!

In the past, my hair was relatively healthy. But as my job became harder and more time-consuming, my schedule became tighter and more stressful. This caused me to lack sleep, and as it persisted I eventually developed an oily scalp and suffered from oily scalp hair loss! Initially I didn’t pay much attention to it, but then as I continued filming 118, more and more people realized that my hair’s condition was worsening. I personally noticed my hair becoming thinner and my hairline receding. Thankfully, I visited Yun Nam Hair Care before my condition worsened. They deeply cleansed my scalp and provided my hair with the necessary nutrients to grow healthily. I could already see an improvement after just one or two treatments. The treatment procedure was very comfortable and therapeutic, which helps me relax.

I have two main reasons for preferring to do hair treatments at Yun Nam Hair Care.

Reason 1: I love the smell of Chinese herbs; it makes me feel that all their beneficial properties are successfully used on my hair and scalp. What’s more, I can see visible results! My scalp gets oiler a lot easier when I don’t go for treatments, but after a hair treatment session my scalp doesn’t overproduce oil for up to two weeks! I have always disliked the feeling of touching an oily scalp and hair, but thanks to Yun Nam, I no longer have that worry!

Reason 2: I love the Scalp Scan Analysis service provided by Yun Nam. Every time I get my hair scanned, I see my scalp becoming cleaner, and I can even see my hair follicles growing more hair than before. These scans help me to clearly observe whether or not my scalp is getting healthier, and whether the treatments are effective or not. Now, I can confidently say that my hair is a lot healthier and thicker!

I am very happy to be Yun Nam Hair Care’s ambassador; not only do I get chances to work with Xiang Yun, I am proud to also introduce Yun Nam to the public through various media platforms such as radio, movies and social media. For instance, in the movie <<Make it Big Big -玉建煌崇大件事>>, I went for Yun Nam’s hair treatments and used their products. For Yun Nam Hair Care’s new TV concept, I could dress in historical outfits for the first time and even got to try some martial arts!

To bring a new side of Yun Nam Hair Care to the masses is a really unique and delightful experience. Now Yun Nam Hair Care has definitely permeated all parts of my life; I even use Yun Nam’s hair care products when I go overseas! I know that no matter where I am, Yun Nam can help give me thick healthy hair so that I’ll still look great in photos.

After knowing that I visit Yun Nam Hair Care, people around me began to ask me for more information, and even my celebrity friends want to try out Yun Nam for themselves! My listeners share their hair care woes to me daily on the radio, and they do want a solution to their problems. I realise that there are actually many Singaporeans that have these kinds of worries, but they don’t take action until it’s too late. Luckily, more and more people are learning about Yun Nam Hair Care through various media, hence giving themselves a chance to regain a healthy hair and scalp.

Everyone needs to keep their hair and scalp healthy. If you’re someone who loves to dye or style your hair often, you need to put in even more effort! Let Yun Nam Hair Care help your hair and scalp recover from damage and give you thick, healthy and lustrous hair. I’ve tried it, and I loved it! I’m very thankful that my hair is thicker and longer, and so much healthier. It’s a very enjoyable journey; I hope that you’ll personally visit Yun Nam Hair Care to experience the treatment benefits!